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Corrie Mains is a multi-award winning business run by the Smillie family.
Tel: 01290 550338 | Mob: 07799 113148
We were established in 1996 with 800 hens and now have 20,000 hens at our newly established state of the art site in East Ayrshire, 2 miles from Mauchline on the B743 heading towards Sorn. We pride ourselves in providing our hens with 5 star facilities. Happy hens = quality eggs. Try for yourself and taste the difference.

We have been working with Seasonal Produce for many years supplying our eggs along with fruit and vegetable throughout Scotland call them on 0844 8716131.

Corrie Mains Farm won the Farmers Weekly "Poultry Farmer of the Year" Award 2020 sponsored by NSF International.
For the past 20 years we have been Scottish Egg Award winners numerous times including overall winners in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2019. We pride ourselves in producing top quality eggs and ensuring you have an excellent service. This has kept us consistently at the top for many years.

Happy Hens
Corrie Mains hens are kept in small colonies in traditional wooden houses, this allows them a more natural and stress free environment they are allowed out to range during daylight hours and come into the safety of their house at night. Eggs are collected every day, they are graded, coded to provide traceability and packed on the farm. They are delivered the following day to shops in your area. This ensures Corrie Mains eggs are always fresh, natural and nutritious, laid by very contented and happy hens. Have a look at our gallery for more images of our happy hens.